By The Book: What Does The Bible Really Say?

By the Book: What Does The Bible Really Say?

by Roderic Gray

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Bible texts and Bible stories are often quoted as a guide to behaviour. But what does the Bible actually say? What, for example, does the Bible tell us about getting rich? Or taking care of the poor. Or crime and punishment? How should employers and employees behave? What should our attitudes be towards foreigners in our countries? And what rules does the Bible set out for sexual relations? By the Book gives an objective observer’s account of the “rules” for Christian living derived solely from the Bible texts. There’s still widespread interest in what the Bible has to say but its contents are less familiar now than perhaps at any time in recent history. This means that it can be quoted, misquoted and invoked almost with impunity. This matters because religion may be playing an increasing role in public life, with politicians increasingly ready to “talk God”. Political leaders may assert their Christian faith, but are their actions and policies really Christian? Ongoing reductions in state welfare provision mean that faith groups are playing a greater role in society, yet religious leaders risk open hostility if they criticise government policy. Roderic Gray examines these issues in a rigorous yet accessible way, using only the Bible texts as sources, with just enough historical background to give context. He avoids the subjective interpretations, misquotations and cherry-picking that have characterised the way the Bible has often been used over the centuries, and disregards post-biblical development of Christian doctrine. Instead, he goes back to the Bible itself to find a simple set of “Biblical” rules for daily life. He examines the strict and often harsh commandments of the Old Testament, considers their historical context and checks them against the ideas of the later Christian writers of the New Testament, showing how the Old-Testament law was radically modified to suit the needs of a world-wide Christian population. By The Book provides a comprehensive, objective account of what the Bible actually says, without value-judgements. It has no agenda either to convince anyone or to undermine anyone’s faith. It does, though, aim to make misrepresentation and hypocrisy more visible by providing a reference back to Bible texts on a range of personal and social issues. As an unbiased review it will be useful and informative for Christians, people of other faiths, agnostics and atheists, in fact anyone with an interest in Christianity and its influence in modern social and political life. About the author Dr Roderic Gray has an observer’s interest in religion, stemming perhaps from a Methodist upbringing. His background is in social science and he currently works as a research advisor. His books How People Work and A Climate of Success have been sold in more than 20 countries and his many articles and academic papers are frequently cited. He brings his research skills and experience to this review of the Bible texts.




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By the Book: What Does The Bible Really Say? Roderic Gray












By the Book What Does The Bible Really Say



Roderic Gray


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